I realized a few days ago that I should “explain” the photos that I post. When I attend photography workshops or photowalks, I love it when the photographer explain their photos. More than the technicalities, I appreciate the story behind the photo. So I told myself – why not do the same?

To be honest, I just put titles on my photos partly because I don’t have the time (laugh). But it has been my long standing resolution to write more. So by doing this I get to hit two birds with one stone.

Anyway, I’m going in circles. Let’s start.

So for this photo, our family went to Baguio for vacation. Before I left the Philippines and work in Sydney, I decided to treat my family. My mom has never been to Baguio as well as some of my siblings. I took this picture somewhere in NLEX. I sat at the passenger seat with the goal of taking pictures while on the way. I’m that type of person who enjoys looking at sceneries when traveling and there are certain parts of NLEX that I find beautiful. When I finally be able to buy my own car, one of my goal is to just drive around and take pictures along the way. Writing this, I already have some few places in my mind like the roads going to Bataan and Zambales.

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