Sunsets and Saying Goodbye

8873698E-1B37-4D8A-A58C-6EC5EE61A10E-5975-000001FAA0CDE915I remember it was raining that time. It was sometime in May. I already resigned and was staying at our house in the province. I already bought my plane ticket to Sydney. In a few weeks I’ll leave home and work in another country.

I realized since I started working sometime in 2010, I never had a gap year. Start work, get tired, rant, apply, be interviewed, and start working again. 4 companies. Same cycle. Same bullshit.

I’m just waiting for my working visa at that time and this gave me the opportunity to rest. And reflect.

Going back to my story, I had dinner and went to wash the dishes and then saw the sky that time. It was colorful considering the rain. Was it always like this? Sunsets being more colorful than sunrise?

I grabbed my camera and wet out. Despite the rain. Despite the mud. And took a couple of photos. This is the acacia tree in front of our house, beside a river. That river. Remember that Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn animated series in Channel 2? I enjoyed that show so much as a kid I even considered running away with friends, create our own raft, and cruise the Pampanga River the same way Tom and Huck travelled the Mississippi lol. Me watching too much cartoons as a child.

It was the same river where I threw a coin and then wish that I pass UPCAT. Gees. I’m that sappy as a teenager.

Sorry for the long post. This is me getting carried away again (laugh).

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