Island Food – Manjuyod Sandbar

Did I mentioned we really had a good time (and a full tummy) in Manjuyod? 

We bought food for grilling but there are also fishermen selling oysters and other seafoods in the area. 

The oysters are really fresh. Just add vinegar and tadah – oyster sashimi. Better with ice cold beer. Hehe

We ended up eating all of these:

 Burp 🙂 

The Man and His (Dead) Fishes 🐠


Saw this while we are having a vacation in Sorsogon. After cleaning, these fishes will be cooked and served at the adjacent restaurant. This town is near the sea so they serve a lot of seafoods. This is the first time I ate sinigang na isda with calamansi as the sour-based instead of the usual tamarind.