Us As Filipinos

  I just got back from Singapore. It’s my first time there and I found the place very (well) perfect. It’s beautiful! Their buildings. Their parks. Their train stations. Everything! I have not seen a single garbage around. Kudos to you Singaporean neighbors.

But while looking at all the grandeur of Singapore, I got mad. Not at Singaporeans but to our own Philippine government. 

The Philippines has so much potential.

We used to be one of the best in Asia. (Keyword: used to be.)

I’m mad because how can a government who taxed its citizens more than 32% of their salary not attained what Singapore reached? 

I don’t believe our country is poor.

We just have to remove a LOT of corrupt people in the government. Those heartless, greedy, animals.

It breaks my heart every time I see a senior citizen climbs the stairs at the MRT. Because neither the elevator nor the escalator is functioning. Can’t our 32% fix that? 

I hate it.

I feel being robbed monthly by paying my taxes. Why? 

There are continuous budget cuts on the state universities.

EDSA is still a mess.

And these damn garbage of a train LRT and MRT.

Yes. I’m very not willing to pay my taxes. 

Why should I? 

So these corrupt government officials can buy their mansions, luxury cars or send their children abroad to study / party? 

No thanks. I am not your slave. 

Please Philippines. Let us choose our next President / Senators wisely this coming election. 

Let’s all feel bad for our country. Let us all feel bad for ourselves. 

We definitely deserve better. 

Iloilo to Bacolod Ferry Ride ⛴

It’s not my first time to ride a ferry. I already tried the Bohol to Cebu ferry (aka SuperCat) last November. So when I’m planning my week and realized that I need to ride a ferry going to Bacolod, I felt a little excited. I’m in Iloilo for a business trip and I also need to go to Bacolod on the same week. It would be more convenient to ride a ferry from Iloilo to Bacolod. Plus, I have no choice. A flight between Bacolod and Iloilo does not exist. 
I opted to ride FastCat since they have an 8pm trip. Long story.  Let’s just say I need to do a lot of things before leaving Iloilo. Haha 😬

 I won’t compare the two ports in detail. Bottomline, that in Bohol is better facility-wise. 

(Sidenote: Notice the crescent moon. I guess at this point, you know I have this thing for the moon.😬)

They don’t have this view at the Bohol port. One point Iloilo. Haha. I regret the fact that I did not bring with me my mirrorless camera to capture this sunset. 

This is where you buy the ticket. The trip normally costs Php 300. I got mine for Php 250. On promo. Yey. 😬

You can sit inside the store while waiting for the ferry. I actually dozed off. Haha. I’m very tired thay day OK.  

The fery arrived at 7pm. It took like an hour though before the passengers can go on-board since the crew have to load the shipments and other cargos inside (e.g. cars). 

 This is how it looks inside. 

“Paano Ba Magmahal” and “A Second Chance” were played during the trip. Haha. May pinagdadaanan siguro yung isang crew member. Haha. 

  Tip: When you arrived in Bacolod, there’s a free bus transfer going to the terminal. Don’t listen to the trycycle drivers at the dock. 

The trip is quite slow. The travel started at 8pm and we arrived in Bacolod at 8pm. 😴

I’m actually just asleep the entire time because I need to conserve my energy since I still need to do a report after arriving at the hotel. (Trying hard not to rant now. Haha 😑)

Yey for a new life experience! 😬